What is it?


PizzaCradle is a new, innovative and patent protected inflatable pizza box for take-away pizzas.



PizzaCradle solves many of the problems normally associated with the packaging and transport of pizzas: Handling, Health & Safety and environmental issues.


A real Space Saver


PizzaCradle is compact, easy to transport and with a very low unit weight. It does not require a long time to prepare before the rush hour sets in at the pizzerias. It's simple: Inflate and use.


After use, the PizzaCradle is easy to get rid of. Just puncture and dispose via the normal trash bin.  



Food grade materials


PizzaCradle is made using a food grade plastic foil which has been approved for contact with hot food and thus reducing the risk of potentially harmful chemical substances migrating from the packaging to the hot pizza.


Green packaging


PizzaCradle is environmental friendly. An initial LCA screening shows a 66% energy reduction in manufacturing compared to conventional pizza packaging.




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- The inflatable pizza box

- Die aufblasbare Pizzaverpackung

- Den oppustelige pizzabakke

- Den uppblåsbara pizzaförpackning